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We created Forget the Office to take new entrepreneurs to the other side - the one where your business is a reality.

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Forget the Office is a one-stop-shop to start & grow your own business

We created Forget the Office to take new entrepreneurs to the other side - the one where your business is a reality.

I’m Mercè, founder of Forget the Office, certified professional coach, NLP Practitioner, former digital marketing agency owner and online business expert.

I went from being a lawyer in Barcelona to becoming a freelance digital marketer and marketing agency owner with location freedom.

My hands-on experience working with founders in both done-for-you digital marketing services and supporting them in bringing their ideas into reality gives me a birds-eye view of all things that need to be in motion to make your business take off the ground. My coaching qualifications help me dig deeper into the root of what’s going on.

When we work together, I am your partner in crime to make things happen!

We make 1:1 coaching accessible to beginner entrepreneurs

It doesn’t matter if you are still working in your corporate job, or you have already started your business. You are in the perfect place to achieve a transformation in the way you approach your business, feel your business, and succeed at it.


Our one-off 1:1 90-min Business Coaching Intensives are designed for those seeking a quick win in one of the topics covered in our programs or those looking for a taste of what coaching feels like.

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A business coaching container designed to get you up to speed and get your business off the ground, focusing on getting you to your Minimum Viable Product (MVP), getting your business to a place where it can get customers and start testing and tweaking a product idea.

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Transformation is a 6-month business coaching journey that changes everything by tackling the critical areas to succeed in business and go beyond the 3-year mark - something many businesses don’t achieve.

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During this call, we'll delve into your aspirations, challenges, and what you're looking to achieve. My aim is to empower you with insights that will help you determine if my programs align with your needs and objectives. 

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