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Our 1:1 business coaching offerings are for you if you want personalised help getting your business off the ground & growing it exponentially.

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I’m Mercè, founder of Forget the Office, certified professional coach, NLP Practitioner, former digital marketing agency owner and online business expert.

I went from being a lawyer in Barcelona to becoming a freelance digital marketer and marketing agency owner with location freedom.

My hands-on experience working with founders in both done-for-you digital marketing services and supporting them in bringing their ideas into reality gives me a birds-eye view of all things that need to be in motion to make your business take off the ground. My coaching qualifications help me dig deeper into the root of what’s going on.

When we work together, I am your partner in crime to make things happen!

Our mission is to make support accessible to beginner entrepreneurs

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Marketing System Foundations

This guide is going to help you massively upgrade your marketing system by introducing advanced techniques many people don't know how to use. 

Receive lead magnet guidance and specific email templates. A super juicy guide, completely for free.

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Daily Mindset Worksheet

Start the process of switching your limiting beliefs via repetition and daily alignment so that they no longer live rent-free in your head.

Completing one of these a day will help you massively in your Forget the Office process!


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Meta Ads Readiness Checklist

This checklist will be incredibly helpful if you're trying to determine whether your business is ready to start running Meta Ads or not.

This is the questionnaire we used as a marketing agency when we ran Meta Ads.

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