About Forget the Office


Forget the Office started as a platform to share those things that were inspiring Merce & helping her during her transition from her corporate job to starting her own freelance digital marketing business, and what helped her build her business.

After doing her Digital Marketing Master's and moving forward in her Freelance Digital Marketer career, she realized she had so much information at her fingertips and that she could make the path easier for others.

Forget the Office is now a coaching and consultancy practice specializing in helping new entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses.

We have helped dozens of entrepreneurs find more clarity and grow their businesses through aligned digital marketing and business foundations.

Our manifesto

We are the place where new entrepreneurs feel understood.

We understand you have a message and that you want to bring your essence into the business that you create.

I created Forget the Office to be a place where you feel at home as an entrepreneur of the new era.

A home where we help you materialize your vision when you are getting started

About the Founder


Merce is a certified coach and digital marketing expert, although before that she was a pharmaceutical corporate lawyer in Spain for 4 years.

Contrary to what you may think, she loved many things about being a corporate lawyer. But that life didn’t feel aligned because she wanted to have the freedom to work from anywhere on her own schedule.

With a lot of pain involved and full of doubts and fears, she quit her lawyer job. After travelling for a bit, she went to help at her family company (making Spanish minimum wage) and started studying Digital Marketing on her own and exploring different business opportunities.

She first took several courses by digital marketers and then went on to study for a Master’s in Digital Marketing at Instituto Marketing Barcelona, under the wing of the prestigious marketing agency Avidalia.

Having a corporate law background and having studied in Business School for 3 years, she got a business number and started freelancing in law, business advisory, and digital marketing, mainly for friends and family at the start and charging very low prices. She struggled so much with self-doubt, impostor syndrome, procrastination, people-pleasing… all of it. During that time, she was throwing more money than she sometimes had into her business. She decided to brand her digital marketing freelancing services into her personal brand, Mercè Maresma Marketing.

She created Forget the Office to help entrepreneurs create & grow the online businesses of the new era, and she became a Certified Professional Coach adhered to OCC-I ethical practices and an NLP Practitioner and Level 1 Coach by the Institute of Applied Psychology in Sydney (Australia), all of it to find more ways to help new entrepreneurs and carefully selecting the tools that have effectively helped her.