A 3-month 1:1 business coaching container designed to support you in establishing your business foundations and getting your brand off the ground.

This container is focused on getting you to your Minimum Viable Product (MVP), where you have the essential foundations in place, and test your offer suite & marketing.

This is a personalised container so if you're beyond the point of 'just getting started', this container can also serve you really well.

Business and marketing skills applied to your idea.

We are here to make sure you succeed in your business endeavour.

By combining the power of mindset and strategic expertise, we support you in the creation of a business that achieves increased sales in less time and with reduced resource investment.

This is for you if...

  • You're feeling overwhelmed by all the things you need to do to start or grow your business.

  • You're lost on how to market your business effectively.

  •  You're committed to making your business a success.

  • You're willing to put in the work to achieve your goals.

  • You want a space where to bounce off your ideas and put them into action.

You are in the right place

There is a multitude of conflicting advice on investment priorities when launching or growing a business. We have a different approach.

Our approach centres on achieving excellence in various small but critical areas. Within our programs, we provide you with bite-sized knowledge in these key areas that you effectively need to build a business that generates sales.

We provide 1:1 support because the hardest thing in this process is overcoming self-doubt and limiting beliefs. The name of the game is ‘getting out of your own way’. By providing you with personalised support, we help you address and conquer these challenges effectively.

What can we cover inside the program?


At Forget the Office we pride ourselves in having a strong business strategy & marketing background, combined with a robust understanding of powerful mindset techniques to explore and release limiting beliefs + superpowered by empathy and intuition to find out what the problem really is.

We see business coaching like the doctor's consult: when you come in, we need to figure out what the problem really is.

Then we choose the treatment. Here are our à la carte treatments:

At the beginning of our program we create a unique and personalised roadmap for you and we use our 1:1 time together to delve deep into those things that will move the needle.

Mindset blocks

Let’s get into the things that you’re telling yourself and that may be massively hindering your process. Merce is a certified coach & NLP Practitioner and besides providing you different approaches, she can also help you with powerful exercises.

Types of online businesses

We support you in creating an online business that makes sense for you, and usually we end up creating a blend of the best online business models out there.

Offer suite

Market research, Ideal Client, Niche

Marketing Messaging

Content Strategy

We help you learn how to create effective content and develop a professional social media strategy for posting.

Lead Generation Systems 

Productivity Tools 

Why Forget the Office coaching?


Upon enrolling in our program, we provide you with a personalised roadmap project management system. This system ensures that you always have a clear view of your next steps, and we remain accessible via email and messaging apps to address any questions or concerns that may arise during the process.

Educational Tools

Throughout the program you will get access to the right amount of educational tools at the right time. You will be provided with business trackers to track your progress and your business numbers, and materials to help you move through every stage of the process, including our Business Plan, that we will be filling out with you.

Personalised approach

This is not cookie-cutter approach or AI. We are your partners in business and get involved in every single aspect to ensure you succeed. We will go deep into your blind spots to make sure you don’t sabotage and give you tough love when neded.

Initiation, the way to make it happen

  • A 3-month business coaching program

  • 7 x 90-min in-depth sessions

  • Multiple monthly 1:1 coaching sessions for optimal accountability and momentum: 3 sessions per month during the first month, then 2 sessions per month

  • A personalised roadmap where we’ll navigate get you up to speed combining mindset & marketing strategies.

  • We give you relevant materials to drive action - no information overload. We get to the point and figure out what works for you

  • Onboarding tests.

  • Access to our project management tool for optimal follow-through

  • Notes, materials and support in between sessions.

INITIATION is for you if you are ready to:

  • Launch your business

  • Get over limiting beliefs that are hindering your success.

  • Uplevel your mindset, strategy and embodiment with high-level mentorship and coaching.

  • Grow into the next version of yourself.

Meet Your Coach: Merce Maresma

Certified coach, NLP Practitioner + former digital marketing agency owner & online business expert

Merce is the founder of Forget the Office, a coaching and consultancy practice dedicated to helping new entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses.
A certified coach and digital marketing expert, she previously built a career as a corporate lawyer in Spain which she quit because she felt disconnected and burnt out.

After a period of feeling lost, Merce immersed herself in digital marketing and developed an interest in coaching.
She started freelancing and eventually established her own digital marketing agency. Despite her extensive education in business, law, and marketing, she struggled with limiting beliefs and fears, realising that the learning curve of becoming an entrepreneur is steep.

Merce founded Forget the Office to support entrepreneurs in creating and growing online businesses and to bridge the gap for those lacking business and marketing support or too afraid to take the leap.
She became a certified coach and trained in NLP and somatic experience, offering a holistic approach to coaching on top of her strategic background.
Forget the Office provides marketing, business, and mindset training, along with 1:1 coaching, creating a supportive space for entrepreneurs to build strong foundations and achieve their next level of success.

What others are saying about Forget the Office


Mercè is a great professional and a wonderful person.

I was stuck and she helped me find my purpose.

It has been a great experience to work with her.


The money mindset session with Merce was very useful to me because I could understand my values related to money.

I found that some beliefs were limiting me and my business. Now I am more capable of making the right decision regarding my values, lifestyle, and personal needs. She is such an amazing coach :).


I highly recommend the workshop to anyone who wants to learn about Instagram Strategy and how to use Canva. This workshop has given me all the tools I needed to confidently start with my Instagram content strategy and with my Canva designs. After the workshop I feel much more clarity, confident, and energised to start taking action, and now I know where to start.


Mercè is a great mentor. Very patient and encouraging. I don't consider myself a techie person and I easily get overwhelmed when it comes to Instagram, Canva, and technologies in general, but Mercè explains everything in such a simple and clear way that everything seems much easier and fun. I cannot recommend this workshop enough!


Mercè is a great mentor. Very patient and encouraging. I don't consider myself a techie person and I easily get overwhelmed when it comes to Instagram, Canva, and technologies in general, but Mercè explains everything in such a simple and clear way that everything seems much easier and fun. I cannot recommend this workshop enough!

Beatriz JericĂł

Mercè was a gift from the universe, this is how it is.

Our sessions made realize so many limiting beliefs, many issues that burned inside me and I didn't know why. Thanks to her I have begun to really visualize my path as a freelancer.

Thank you for that, Mercè. Looking forward to seeing each other again 🙌🏻🙏🏻

Dr. Anneline Padayachee

Today's workshop was really, really, really epic.

We got given a workbook, which guides your thinking right from working out your values, your mission, and your vision for either yourself personally, and also your business and your company. 

And then it takes you from there all the way through to working out content, all within a day. 

Because if you don't get that basics right and you don't understand the pains of who your target audiences are, don't really get into their head, understand what does a win look like for them, and don't understand what their objections could potentially be, you're just literally swinging back blindly. So yeah, the workshop was really, really, really good.

Alba Marin, CEO & Founder of

These are some of the things Alba said about our program Initiation:

What did you enjoy the most about Initiation? I loved everything about it. Not only did it give me the necessary tools to launch my project, but it's a complete mindset shift. I know that without Mercè, it would have been impossible for me to be where I am today.

How would you say it has impacted your business and life so far? Especially in that I believe I have a structured minimum viable product and know my ideal customer. In my personal life, it has impacted me greatly in seeing myself truly as the owner of my company and believing that I can do this. I love all the material it provides. It has helped me a lot in setting specific deadlines. By documenting every step, I have been much more capable of identifying flaws and structuring the brand and business much better overall. I also felt very understood in all the sessions.

How would you say it will impact your business and life in the coming months? In every aspect, because right now I feel confident in having a very solid foundation for my project.

Would you recommend it to other people? Yes.


These are some of the things Liana said about our program Initiation:

What did you think of Initiation?: It has been very helpful.
How would you say it has impacted your business and life so far? It has helped me channel my ideas, get all the tools needed and basics and launch my own business
What did you enjoy the most about it? Merce's passion for her work and enthusiasm for helping.
How would you say it will impact your business and life in the coming months? My business now has a name, branding kit and a marketing marketing strategy.
Would you recommend it to other people? Definitely.

Coaching takes you to the next level allowing you to…

  • Finally build a business that actually has a marketing & sales system.

  • Realise the lies you’re telling yourself and that are hindering your success.

  • Commit to your business and make it happen.

  • Avoid taking two steps forward and one step back, use our roadmap and move forward.

  • Commit to your goals and work through the fear of success.

  • Have systems in your business and feel confident in crucial things like your marketing & content strategy.

Investment options

3 Monthly Payments

AUD 497

Most Flexible

3 x Monthly payments of AUD 497 (≈EUR 297)

Total investment is AUD 1491 (≈EUR 897)

Pay In Full

AUD 1397

Most Bank for your Buck

Pay in Full with a one-time payment of AUD 1397 (≈837 EUR)

 Save AUD 94 (≈EUR 60) by paying in full 

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