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A LIVE group container which will give you the right foundations to start or grow a thriving business & make your BIG LIFE dreams come true.

Experience the unstoppable power of group coaching and move forward with an exclusive group of 8 entrepreneurs in an unparalleled journey

There's truly nothing like BUILD out there

  • Thirty 90-min LIVE group coaching sessions over the course of 7 months where we'll follow the journey to build a signature brand, your offers, marketing, messaging, and all your marketing system.
  • A Marketing & Business Mastermind where you'll get to share your journey, be guided at every single step and where you'll learn crucial marketing skills
  • A unique experience to learn marketing live and keep moving forward every single week. No one is left behind. You grow with the group. Support in-between sessions.

Many entrepreneurs are good at what they do - but lack business and marketing skills.

By combining the power of mindset and strategic expertise, we support you in creating or growing a business that achieves increased sales in less time and with reduced resource investment.

This is for you if...

  • You're feeling overwhelmed by all the things you need to do to start or grow your business.

  • You're lost on how to market your business effectively.

  •  You're committed to making your business a success.

  • You're willing to put in the work to achieve your goals.

  • You want a space where to bounce off your ideas and put them into action.

  • You want to stop feeling alone in this journey and stop wondering what would happen. You want to take action.

You are in the right place

There is a multitude of conflicting advice on investment priorities when launching or growing a business. We have a different approach.

Our approach centres on achieving excellence in various small but critical areas.

Within BUILD, we you'll get access to thorough sessions on the different aspects of business building.

It's a group coaching & mastermind setting where you'll get unparalleled business & marketing education and you'll get out of your own way to show up consistently. 

What do we cover inside BUILD?

A roadmap to move the needle every single week. This is a masters in marketing where you'll be taking consistent action.

The Mindset to Start and Grow Your Biz & Your Mission and Vision

Let's set up our minds for success. You'll have an overview of the journey, prime your mind for success and understand the different aspects of taking consistent action.

Online Business Models and How to Create a Thriving Business

We support you in creating an online business that makes sense for you, and usually we end up creating a blend of the best online business models out there. 

Target Market Analysis & Niche

Brand Strategy

Marketing Strategy: Offers, Pricing, Messaging & Channels

Sales Strategy


Website Structure

Content Strategy

Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing Sequences & Funnels

Marketing Plan


The Copywriting Masterclass

Meta Ads Workshop

Trusting & Femenine Energy in Business



Finances & Profit First Method


Blocks & Looking into the Future

Why Forget the Office coaching?



When you enrol to BUILD, you're part of a group that's moving forward and you'll have support to not fall off track. Your coach Merce will be by your side every step of the way for any roadblock you may find.

Educational Tools

Throughout the program you will get access to the right amount of educational tools at the right time. You will be provided with business trackers to track your progress and your business numbers, and materials to help you move through every stage of the process, including our Business Plan.

Personalised approach

This is not cookie-cutter approach or AI. We give you options to implement what feels good. You will be able to raise your doubts with the group. We are your partners in business and get involved in every single aspect to ensure you succeed. We will go deep into your blind spots to make sure you don’t sabotage and give you tough love when neded.

BUILD, master your marketing in 2024

  • A 6-month group business coaching program

  • 30 x 90-min group coaching sessions

  • Multiple monthly 1:1 coaching sessions

  • A group coaching experience where everyone will be navigating the same as you

  • We give you relevant materials to drive action - no information overload. We get to the point and figure out what works for you

  • Find out your strengths with our on-boarding tests.

  • Notes, materials and support in between sessions.

BUILD is for you if you are ready to:

  • Launch or grow your business.

  • Create a solid sales system & funnel.

  • Know what to post and when on social media with a solid strategy.

  • Get over limiting beliefs that are hindering your success.

  • Solidify great business habits and systems.

  • Uplevel your mindset, strategy and embodiment with high-level mentorship and coaching.

  • Grow into the next version of yourself as a CEO over the course of the program.

Coaching takes you to the next level allowing you to…

  • Finally build a business that actually has a marketing & sales system.

  • Realise the lies you’re telling yourself and that are hindering your success.

  • Commit to your business and make it happen.

  • Avoid taking two steps forward and one step back, use our roadmap and move forward.

  • Commit to your goals and work through the fear of success.

  • Have systems in your business and feel confident in crucial things like your marketing & content strategy.

Meet Your Coach: Merce Maresma

Certified coach, NLP Practitioner + former digital marketing agency owner & online business expert

Merce is a certified coach and digital marketing expert, although before that she was an international corporate lawyer in Spain for 4 years.

Having a corporate law background and having studied in Business School for 3 years, plus having studied a Master’s in Digital Marketing at Instituto Marketing Barcelona, she got a business number and started freelancing in law, business advisory, and digital marketing.

She decided to brand her digital marketing freelancing services into a digital marketing agency, stepping into a career that has allowed her to travel & work from anywhere as she supported all different sorts of businesses in their marketing needs. She’s currently living in Queensland, Australia.

She started delving into the most common challenges for people to become successful in business, and drawing from her own experience, where she had mainly struggled with getting in the way of her success, she became a Certified Professional Coach adhered to OCC-I ethical practices, an NLP Practitioner and Level 1 Coach by the Institute of Applied Psychology in Sydney.

She created Forget the Office to help entrepreneurs create & grow the online businesses of the new era by bringing incredible marketing and business foundations and cultivating a successful mindset via doing the inner work.

Investment options

6 Monthly Payments

AUD 297/month

Most Flexible

6 x monthly payments of AUD 297 / EUR 179

Total investment is AUD 1782 / EUR 1074

Pay In Full

AUD 1497

Most Bank for your Buck

Pay in Full with a one-time payment of AUD 1497 / EUR 897

Save AUD 285 / EUR 177 by paying in full

All sessions will be recorded and uploaded in case you miss any of them.

Get 20% OFF any payment option + automatically get two 1:1 NLP sessions and two 1:1 Strategy 90-min sessions with Merce when you join before the 8th of March.

You will still automatically get two 1:1 NLP sessions and a 1:1 Strategy session when you join before the 20th of March.

We start on the 26th of March 2024.

The online sessions will be held (almost) weekly & LIVE on Tuesdays at 4.30pm AEST inside the BUILD portal - we stop for Easter holidays!

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