90-min of 1:1 depth to help you move forward and reach your goals

Get unstuck

One of the things I LOVE the most about 1:1 business coaching is its capacity to get you unstuck.

From having many ideas in your head that didn't make sense to reaching clarity and moving forward and taking action.

I believe every business owner deserves to have a space like this. Because it's not easy to lead a business and too many things in our life depend on it.

Our one-off 1:1 90-mini Intensives are all about delivering a focused, high-impact consultation/coaching session that addresses your unique challenges.

We dive deep into mindset, strategy or both, depending on what you need the most, and you walk away with actionable insights and incredible clarity.

What can we cover during the session?

At Forget the Office we pride ourselves in having a strong business strategy & marketing background, combined with a robust understanding of powerful mindset techniques to explore and release limiting beliefs + superpowered by empathy and intuition to find out what the problem really is.

We see business coaching like the doctor's consult: when you come in, we need to figure out what the problem really is.

Then we choose the treatment. Here are our à la carte treatments:

Mindset blocks

Let’s get into the things that you’re telling yourself and that may be massively hindering your process. Merce is a certified coach & NLP Practitioner and besides providing you different approaches, she can also help you with powerful exercises.

Types of online businesses

We support you in creating an online business that makes sense for you, and usually we end up creating a blend of the best online business models out there.

Offer suite

Market research, Ideal Client, Niche

Marketing Messaging

Content Strategy

We help you learn how to create effective content and develop a professional social media strategy for posting.

Lead Generation Systems 

Productivity Tools 

Coaching takes you to the next level allowing you to…

  • Finally build a business that actually has a marketing & sales system.

  • Realise the lies you’re telling yourself and that are hindering your success.

  • Commit to your business and make it happen.

  • Avoid taking two steps forward and one step back, use our roadmap and move forward.

  • Commit to your goals and work through the fear of success.

  • Have systems in your business and feel confident in crucial things like your marketing & content strategy.

Meet Your Coach: Merce Maresma

Certified coach, NLP Practitioner + former digital marketing agency owner & online business expert


Merce is a certified coach and digital marketing expert, although before that she was an international corporate lawyer in Spain for 4 years.

Having a corporate law background and having studied in Business School for 3 years, plus having studied a Master’s in Digital Marketing at Instituto Marketing Barcelona, she got a business number and started freelancing in law, business advisory, and digital marketing.

She decided to brand her digital marketing freelancing services into a digital marketing agency, stepping into a career that has allowed her to travel & work from anywhere as she supported all different sorts of businesses in their marketing needs. She’s currently living in Queensland, Australia.

She started delving into the most common challenges for people to become successful in business, and drawing from her own experience, where she had mainly struggled with getting in the way of her success, she became a Certified Professional Coach adhered to OCC-I ethical practices, an NLP Practitioner and Level 1 Coach by the Institute of Applied Psychology in Sydney.

She created Forget the Office to help entrepreneurs create & grow the online businesses of the new era by bringing incredible marketing and business foundations and cultivating a successful mindset via doing the inner work.

Get massive clarity

AUD 197 (≈EUR 117)

1:1 support, within your reach

  • Support to get to the root and superpower massive changes in your business
  • Focus, attention and decision-making on specific areas of your business
  • A 1:1 90-min Business Coaching & Consulting Session with Merce
  • Notes, materials and support during 1 week after the session for you to take action and implement, and be able ask anything during that time.
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